Unholy Harvester

Unholy Harvester
Scythe - Two-Handed
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Unholy Harvester is Legendary

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10% chance to leech 50 energy from the enemy

When it comes to extracting the life force out of pathetic little humans, no ordinary device will do, no, it takes a real weapon, a weapon of pure, and unadulterated corruption. A weapon so diabolical that it could only have been forged by Darthrauka himself, a weapon known only as... the Unholy Harvester!

Producing a blade as punishing, and effective as this, does not come easy. In fact, only in death would it be born. In order for this sinister scythe to achieve it's true power, it must first end the lives of thousands, and Darthrauka made sure to do just that.

Terrorizing the mortal realm for decades, Darthrauka would travel across known lands, slaughtering everything in sight, but it wasn't enough. The harvester required souls of the mighty, and his feeble prey weren't quite cutting it. Oh well, you've got to crack a few eggs to make an omelette.

Over the course of the next century, Darthrauka spent annihilating the strong and powerful, local warriors, to primordial gods, nobody was safe from his wrath, until one day, his mission was complete. The blade had feasted, the blade was born, unleashing unholy hell upon all those who would dare enter it's path!