Twilight Locket

Twilight Locket
Necklace - Locket
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Twilight Locket is Legendary

142 circulating

Creates a circle of light that heals +100 health every second for 10 seconds (3 uses)

An exceptionally well crafted piece of jewelry, created by the one and only, Inora Zon.

The Twilight Locket is a thing of beauty. Taking upwards of one full year in order to create a single locket, these are considered a treasure, and in turn, come at a hefty price. Not only does crafting this work of art require delicate hands, but the spell required to imbue it with it's power, can only be conjured up during certain periods of the year, thus making the creation process even that more difficult.

Getting your hands on one of these isn't easy, in fact, due to their scarce nature, people often rely on the black market, where they are required to pay exorbitant costs, in order to procure one.