Axe - Two-Handed
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Traumahawk is Legendary

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Polished, primed, and reinforced with nearly indestructible metal, the Traumahawk is an impressive weapon of war.

Crafted during the middle ages, this colossal axe has managed to survive the test of time, and is still considered to be a weapon of choice amongst the greatest of warriors. Known for it's devastating blows, the Traumahawk accurately lives up to it's name, where it will often leave it's target in a profound sense of distress, and begging for mercy.

Although originally created to be used as a durable tool to harvest lumber, that idea didn't last long, as one night, it's creator William Jacobs, had his home invaded by a gang of ruthless bandits. Looking to fend off these ruffians, William jumped out of bed, and grabbed the quickest weapon he could locate, which just so happened to be the Traumahawk. After a few quick swings, both parties came to the same conclusion; this wasn't just some ordinary woodcutting axe.