Tinted Tempest

Tinted Tempest
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Tinted Tempest is Mythical

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Casts a storm orb, knocking enemies back and causing 3670 damage

The tiny coastal town of Colefast is known for one thing, and one thing only, it's high winds. All year round, Colefast residents must deal with the disastrous effects of these severe conditions, and for the most part, they've learned to live with it quite well.

After combating this natural occurance for years, local sorcerer Lark Rosewood, believed that this powerful element could be harnessed, and used as a weapon against his enemies. Not one to shy away from danger, Rosewood spent the next year perfecting a powerful spell that could be imbued into almost any object in existence.

His first test? A ring forged by a local blacksmith, with incredible strength and design. After a few minor adjustments, Rosewood's spell went off without a hitch, and thus, this breathtaking creation was born.