Timemaster's Chest

Timemaster's Chest
Chest - Reward

Timemaster's Chest is Mythical

Unlimited supply

The Timemaster's Chest, gilded with the finest auric alloy, is a marvel of craftsmanship and temporal magic.

Awarded weekly to the champions of Echoes of Time, these chests are forged in the heart of the Chronosmith's Forge, where time itself is said to melt and mold like metal. Engraved with time-bending runes and adorned with purple gemstones that pulse with the rhythm of the universe, each chest is a container of not only treasures but also of the very essence of moments captured and triumphs immortalized.

Only those whose exploits resonate through the threads of time are granted the honor of unlocking its mysteries, revealing artifacts of unimaginable power and rarity.