The Spyglass Of Captain Moonscar

The Spyglass Of Captain Moonscar
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As history books tell us, Captain Moonscar was a terrible man. Described by some as the devil incarnate, Moonscar sailed the seas in search of land and treasure, destroying anything, and anyone, in his path.

Moonscar's success didn't come as a result of meticulous planning, the size of his crew, or even the amount of weapons in his stockpile, instead, Moonscar had a dirty trick up his sleeve, in the form of a spyglass he had acquired on one of his journeys. This wasn't any ordinary spyglass, but rather, an ancient relic that had incredible power.

The spyglass allowed Moonscar to investigate a land from an immeasurable distance, including during the darkest of night, thus always giving him the upper hand in any situation.