The Mask of Elijah Crowley

The Mask of Elijah Crowley
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The Mask of Elijah Crowley is Epic

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Deal up to 50 damage to nearby monsters in line of sight, up to 4000 damage

Legend tells us that Elijah was one of three children born to Lazarus, and Katherine Crowley.

In the early part of the last century, while residing in the sub-tropical region of Emendire, Lazarus and Katherine were accused by local villagers of being vampires, due their pale skin, and youthful appearance. Despite very little evidence, the villagers decided to set the family home ablaze, in an attempt to rid the village of this perceived evil.

They succeeded in eliminating Lazarus and Katherine, but little did they know, that the three young brothers would survive. Years later, and all grown up, the three brothers vowed to enact their revenge on those that murdered their parents. While donning masks to cover up their horrific burn scars, they strategically and swiftly eradicated more than half of the Villagers, before ultimately being rounded up, and hung in the town square.

Although the Crowley bloodline has ended, these three masks remain, and are said to be cursed by the very souls who once wore them.