The Lost Stampeder

The Lost Stampeder
Sword - Two-Handed
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The Lost Stampeder is Rare

1607 of 5000 remaining

+10% damage

For decades, the Arkhirian empire, along with it's army of elite warriors, maintained near-complete dominion over the region now known as Thorberth. Small, yet mighty, this versatile fighting force would effortlessly vanquish any enemy that stood in their path, and appeared to be unstoppable.

Composed of merely 5000 men, each equipped with a weapon known only as the 'Stampeder', this relatively small platoon would go on to bring great success and recognition to the land of Arkhire. Although strong and courageous, their true power lay within the swords they grasped, and the opposition was very much aware of this.

Little did the Arkharian's know, there were traitors within their ranks, or more precisely, spies. These treasonous renegades were given one mission, and one mission only; Infiltrate the group, and dispose of their weapons. Normally an assignment like this would be dangerous, and require some serious planning, but when your targets are fresh off a victory, and known boozehounds, it can actually be quite painless.

Swiftly and efficiently, the undercover agents gathered up all of the swords in the middle of the night, and transported them away from the Arkharian's base. Rather than keep these weapons for themselves, they decided that it would be in the best interest of everybody, to simply destroy them. One by one, the swords were melted down, until all that remained was a metal of unknown origin. Unsure of how to dispose of this metal, the group decided to form it into small, round pieces, in hopes of passing them off as gold coins, never again to be distinguishable for what they really are.

The was only one problem...

The designer of the Stampeder, and the only person in existence with the ability to identify this metal, was still very much alive. Not only was he on the hunt for this rare substance, but he was looking to revive his most precious of creations!