The Jasper Jewel

The Jasper Jewel
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The Jasper Jewel is Legendary

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A legendary underground kingdom, thought by many to be merely a myth, Jasper was home to one of the most advanced elven civilizations that history has ever known.

A divine fortress, with a protected barrier enveloping it's entire population, Jasper wasn't just innovative, but highly fortified as well. With external walls, lined of dazzling golden gemstones, imbued with the ability to fend off the most deadly of attacks, the citizens of Jasper lived comfortable and secure lives, knowing that the outside world was nothing of concern.

What they didn't anticipate however, was an internal threat. An attack far more deadly than they could have ever imagined. An assault that would ultimately destroy the land of Jasper forever. Long story short, always laugh at the court jester's jokes, especially when they also happen to be the most powerful wizard living amongst you.

As the crowd grew silent, following a rather unamusing dance number, the jester became irritated, accidentally unleashing a powerful jolt of magic, striking the jewel laden walls of the great hall. One by one, the jewels began to fall, setting off a chain reaction like no other, crumbling to the ground in swift fashion. In mere minutes, all that remained of the once thriving civilization, were the golden jewels, once thought to keep them safe!