The Golden Goddess

The Golden Goddess
Axe - One-Handed
Recent Sales
200 days ago1 for 50,000
414 days ago1 for 37,244
424 days ago1 for 51,111

The Golden Goddess is Uncommon

1775 of 1991 remaining

10% chance to do 10% more damage

The Golden Goddess; a weapon of absolute elegance and grace, backed by a rich history of love, deceit, and ultimate betrayal. Very few weapons of war have been spoken about throughout history, more than this fascinating aureate axe. This particular version? Not so much.

Looking to profit off of the fame of this ancient relic, local Talmuth blacksmith, and known counterfeiter, Norm Macarthur, spent years, meticulously studying every depiction of this weapon that he could find, in hopes of recreating it's unique design. Following countless hours of painstaking alterations, Norm felt that he had finally achieved an exact replica of The Golden Goddess. There was only one problem. Although he was able to produce a visually identical copy, imbuing the axe with the same godlike powers as the original, turned out to be impossible, and thus, deceiving potential buyers was not going to work.

Having irresponsibly produced 2000 of these golden beauties, before even attempting to instill a single one of them with their true abilities, Norm decided to do what every good merchant would do in his situation; cut his losses and move on. Luckily for him, the entrepreneurial Easter Bunny was in town, and just so happened to need some wares for his shop.

This artificial Golden Goddess may not retain the same power as the original, but don't be fooled by it's imitation status, as it still manages to pack quite an aggressive punch, and should not be underestimated!