The Fury of Ilgarith

The Fury of Ilgarith
Axe - Two-Handed
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The Fury of Ilgarith is Legendary

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10% increased attack damage

Ilgarith was but a boy when they enslaved him and the other villagers.

Year after year he was forced to do hard labour.

The slave masters would give food to the slaves proportionate to how hard they worked and so Ilgarith would work harder then all of the other slaves.

Lifting huge stones, carrying heavy timber beams or pushing heavily laden carts, it was not long before the boy, fueled by the large quantities of food given to him, grew to become a man of exceptional stature and strength.

It was with his great strength that he was able to breach his chains, break into the weapons storage and, brandishing one of these very axes, lead a revolt that awarded the slaves their freedom!