The Executioner

The Executioner
Axe - Two-Handed
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The Executioner is Transcendent

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Double your damage for any targets who have 20% or less health

With the world at war, and Vemmin on the brink of collapse, King Emerick had no choice but to consider drastic measures, in hopes of protecting his land, and it's people. After careful consideration, Emerick concluded that if he were able to eliminate the heads of the opposing faction, it would cause enough chaos to ultimately swing favor in his direction. In order to do this, Emerick needed a warrior. Not just any ordinary warrior, but the best that money could buy.

Having heard rumors of an assassin, known only by the name Darkscar, Emerick ordered his best advisers to try and hunt down his whereabouts. Surprisingly enough, anybody can be found, as long as the price is right, and after a few considerable bribes, Darkscar had been located. Persuading Darkscar to take the job, wasn't as difficult as they had expected. After finding out who the targets were, Darkscar immediately agreed to the terms. Turns out, Darkscar had a history with these folks, and wanted them dead as much as they did.

Darkscar had one stipulation; he needed a weapon. A job this risky couldn't be carried out by his usual dagger, but required something far more powerful. Luckily for Emerick, Vemmin had some of the best blacksmiths in the world, and they immediately banded together, to develop one of the greatest axes known to man, which would eventually be dubbed 'The Executioner'.

Equipped with everything required to complete his mission, Darkscar proceeded to do what he does best; slay. After stealthily infiltrating the heavily fortified compounds, and easily disposing of the guards, Darkscar entered the throne room, catching his targets, the royal couple, off guard.

Two heads, a dual-bladed axe, and a scorned assassin, i think that paints a pretty picture as to what happened next. Needless to say, Vemmin survived, Darkscar got his revenge, and this majestic axe, quickly entered the history books.