The Dividing Supremacy

The Dividing Supremacy
Axe - Two-Handed
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The Dividing Supremacy is Mythical

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10% chance for Critical Hit

The Zephir sister's thirst for blood was insatiable.

With a large group of disheveled individuals at their command, the sisters armed them with powerfully enchanted axes they had previously plundered during an invasion.

The sisters would lead the horde from place to place, showing no remorse for those who would resist them.

But a man in their midst caught the affection of both the sisters.

Using his cunning, the man played the 2 women against each other by means of charm and deception.

Eventually, the sisters grew to be at odds with each other.

Dividing the horde in 2, the sisters went their own separate ways.

It was in this time that the man summoned his secret force and hunted down the 2 separate groups, killing both the sisters and taking the supreme axes from all of the fallen foes!