The Devouring Void

The Devouring Void
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The Devouring Void is Mythical

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Creates a cloud that causes Decay (3 uses)

When Gahrswurd the Grim demanded a potion that would reverse his advancing age, Harpot the apothecary knew that he was in a difficult situation.

If he told the short tempered ruler that it wasn't possible, he would be killed in a most inhumane manner.

After only a day, Gahrswurd stormed into the apothecary quarters, calling for his potion to be brought forth.

Harpot explained that he hadn't finished to which Gahrswurd responded by having him thrown in jail for 2 days.

The ruler then released Harpot, giving him one day to fulfill his request.

Harpot set about brewing a large batch of purple liquid, enchanting it as it simmered before bottling the substance in a number of vials.

The next day, Gahrswurd came with his guards and snatched up a vial.

Smelling the purple fumes surrounding the vial, Gahrswurd's eyes rolled in his head before he fell to the ground and disintegrated into black ash.

The shocked guards nodded to Harpot before happily exiting his quarters.