Thaarbor's Might

Thaarbor's Might
Axe - Two-Handed
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Thaarbor's Might is Legendary

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-10% attack speed, +20% damage

It was a dark, overcast day when Ardoch 'Reaper' Thaarbor went into the woods to chop firewood.

Using one of his expensive axes that had been crafted as a limited range from the Langdon forge works, Thaarbor chopped down a large tree.

But the racket caught the attention of a large bear which came over to investigate.

The great bear, dwarfing the mighty woodchopper, lunged forth but with his axe wielding skills Thaarbor swung and cleaved off one of the bear's legs.

The 'Reaper' had reaped victory and prevailed!