Temporal Shard

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Temporal Shard is Transcendent

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Throughout history, archaeologists have found ancient tablets and parchments that recount tales of the 'Temporal Shards' or 'Scattered Shards'.

From the information pieced together over time, it is said that the shards came from a great gem that was discovered long ago.

The gem it seems was of considerable size and was on display where people would come from far and wide to see it.

Then it is mentioned that a practitioner of mystical manipulation was granted permission to 'activate' the stone with arcane energy.

This action backfired with grave severity when the stone detonated with such a force that it completely leveled the city that hosted the great gem.

With a great number of people killed in the blast, shards of the great stone were scattered to a great distance throughout the land.

When discovered, it was found the activation had worked with the shards blanketed in a blue aura.

In present times, this extremely rare artifact is considered to be priceless!