Stellarfire Amulet

Stellarfire Amulet
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Stellarfire Amulet is Legendary

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Summons an asteroid which deals 2373 damage, with a 10% chance to burn the target

Deep within the forgotten annals of ancient civilizations, there existed a revered order known as the Sages of the Astral Sanctum. These enlightened beings delved into the mysteries of the cosmos, seeking to harness the power of the heavens themselves. Through their tireless efforts, they unearthed a long-lost artifact, the Stellarfire Amulet.

Legend tells of a catastrophic event that transpired eons ago, when a mighty asteroid, imbued with celestial energy, descended upon the realm. Its impact devastated the land, leaving behind a scorched wasteland. The Sages recognized the untamed power within this otherworldly rock and dedicated their lives to studying it.

Crafted with utmost precision, the Stellarfire Amulet was formed to house a fragment of the very same cosmic essence that dwelled within the fabled asteroid. Its gold chain represents the unity of the celestial and earthly realms, while the deep purple gemstone encapsulates the profound energy of the cosmos.

According to the ancient texts, the wearer of the amulet gains a conduit to the heavens, able to summon forth the power of the celestial body. When the amulet is invoked, the gemstone pulsates with an ethereal glow, as if infused with the very essence of the stars. With a focused mind and a clear intent, the wearer selects a target location, calling upon the heavens to unleash the wrath of the asteroid.

The Sages of the Astral Sanctum, aware of the potential for destruction, safeguarded the Stellarfire Amulet within their sacred temple, hidden away from those who would exploit its power. Only those deemed worthy and entrusted with the wisdom of the cosmos are granted access to this relic, for they understand the delicate balance between creation and annihilation.