Longbow - Ranged
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Spitfire is Transcendent

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10% chance to cause Burn

With it's summit towering into the sky at a lofty 33000 ft, Mount Olkepth is a volcanic mountain that casts an awe inspiring vision.

With a constant plume of electrified ash ascending from its zenith, Olkepth is a figure of legends.

One such legend derived from the infamous volcano is that of the Spitfire bow.

As it is told, the volcano became exceptionally active one year, sporadically dispersing giant pieces of super heated rock in all directions.

The story continues that a small group of weapon crafters known only as 'The Bound', perilously waited for a piece of rock to land near the base of the mountain and when it did, they seized it and used the molten rock in their timber curing room.

The bowyers then crafted a handful of lethal bows and placed them in the curing room.

The bows absorbed the energy that came from the rock of the great mountain and became engulfed in a fierce flame.

To this very day that powerful flame continues to engulf the deadly Spitfire bows!