Snapdragon's Dawn

Snapdragon's Dawn
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Snapdragon's Dawn is Mythical

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Double attack speed for 30 seconds (3 uses)

Over a century has passed since the events that unfolded during the Siege Of Brackburn, and even 'till this day, newly found relics are continuously being discovered throughout it's desolate remains.

Although the desert region of Brackburn is now known as Emenire, the land itself has never truly recovered from the battles that took place across it's sandy hills. Despite this, it's still considered to be one of the top destinations in the world for relic hunters looking to get their hands on valuable artifacts.

The King of Brackburn had it all; money, power, along with an army of people at his disposal. The one thing King Rainor lacked, was respect, and this ultimately led to the end of his reign, as well as the fall of Brackburn itself. Nevertheless, Rainor did have his allies, and upon his death, Rainor requested to be buried in an undisclosed location, along with his most prized posessions. After a century of relentless search, the tomb of King Rainor was finally located, and with it, a power unleashed that some wished would stay hidden forever.

The infamous band known as Snapdragon's Dawn, is just one of the many objects retrieved from this discovery, and considering it's immense power and rarity, is sure to fetch a hefty price on the open market.