Sleepy Hollows

Sleepy Hollows
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Sleepy Hollows is Legendary

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Place a pumpkin, deals 550 damage/s to nearby enemies for 3s, and reduces their movement speed by 50% (10 uses)

Flamin' Jack is a frightening figure, but his creations? Those are far more terrifying.

As you can imagine, having a fiery pumpkin for a head, isn't exactly something that helps with acceptance into normal society, in fact, your mere presence causes people to either run in fear, or attempt to take you down.

Flamin' Jack would not consider himself to be a bad guy, but when constantly put on the defensive, by Talmuthian hunting parties looking to end your very life, one is forced to adapt, and so he did.

Developing his little creations known as Sleepy Hollows, wasn't easy, but after careful planning, and several months of painstaking alterations, Jack felt as if they were finally ready to be deployed.

The next time those cruel villagers come looking for a fight, they better watch their step, or they're in for a sluggishly spooky surprise.