Sky Spire

Sky Spire
Shortbow - Ranged
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Truse had settled down in his advancing years, tending his flocks on the mountainside.

One day Truse was out with the flock when something above caught his eye.

A large Wrathcrown Eagle.

These eagles were the apex predator of the sky in this region and used their cunning to outwit shepherds to take members of a flock.

And so it occured, not once but twice.

So that evening, Truse took one of his flock and prepared a meal from it.

He also made a garment from the skin of the animal.

The next day, Truse wore the garment and posed as a member of the flock, positioning himself high upon the terrain.

Sure enough, the eagle returned and when it came to swoop upon Truse, he threw off the garment and speared the eagle with an arrow fired from his Spire bow.

The flock was now safe once more.