Shoraway Coral Weed

Shoraway Coral Weed
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Shoraway Coral Weed is Epic

Unlimited supply

Found between the continents of Vemmin in the north and Thorberth in the south, the Isle of Shoraway is a picturesque location which has become a popular travel destination thanks to the welcoming locals and their 'laid back' pace of life.

It is here that the nourishing Shoraway Coral Weed, a type of marine algae endemic to the isle, is found.

The lamina is the somewhat leaf-like blades of the algae which are harvested for eating.

Amongst the Coral Weeds multiple health perks is the mild sedative effect that supposedly occurs upon consumption.

Though be warned, as rumour has it that an opposite effect can occur when mixed with the right, or some might say 'wrong', constituents.