Serpentina's Vengeance

Serpentina's Vengeance
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Serpentina's Vengeance is Legendary

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Summons a Level 52 Slither.

45 second duration.

60 second cooldown. (3 uses)

Thousands of years ago, the isle of Bhrim was ruled by the evil empress, Serpentina. Equipped with some of the most powerful weapons in existence, Serpentina would mercilessly destroy anything that got in her way.

Serpentina wasn't always evil, in fact, she was beloved by her kingdom at one point. After the slaying of her father, King McKlaire, Princess Olivia was kidnapped by the Order of Shadows, and held captive. After several weeks missing, and much to the surprise of the islanders of Bhrim, Princess Olivia returned home.

Immediately upon arrival, Princess Olivia took to her rightful throne, and began her reign of terror. For the next decade, Olivia would rule with an iron fist, eliminating anyone who dared oppose her. One of her favored possessions, was a ring that never left her hand. This ring possessed the power to summon serpents from beneath the suface, and attack her enemies at will. Because of this ability, the population of Bhrim dubbed her with the name, Serpentina.