Scorpion Stinger

Scorpion Stinger
Shortbow - Ranged
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Scorpion Stinger is Rare

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10% chance to cause poison for 5 seconds

Very few toxins are more deadly than that of a northern swamp scorpion. While most look to avoid this substance, others have attempted to weaponize it, and King Hamett of Aberdow did just that.

After taking one look at his mediocre squad of bowmen, the king knew that no amount of training would ever be able to improve their skills. Rather than import untrustworthy archers from foreign lands to replace his current defenses, the king started to investigate ways to make the best of what he had. Although this group lacked accuracy, they definitely had strength in their shots, and therefore, when they did land a hit, the king wanted to make sure that it counted.

The great thing about a toxin, is that no matter how, or where it enters the body, it's effects begin to immediately take action, and after speaking with a local blacksmith about a design, it was agreed that if a bow could somehow be be infused with a lethal venom, it would turn even the most subpar archer, into a respectable warrior.

There was only one problem. The northern swamp scorpion may be one of the most deadly arachnida in existence, but it's also extremely rare, and obtaining enough toxin to supply the king's entire infantry with poison-dipped arrows, wasn't going to be possible. Luckily for the king, there was somebody in town that could help with this very issue, and she only needed a single drop.

Following several hours of odd incantations, local sorceress Koral Kane, imbued the king's entire inventory of bows with the unique ability to infinitely reproduce this deadly substance, and in turn, upgraded the defenses for all of Aberdow!