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Scorn is Legendary

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Leeches 50% of damage taken as health from attacker up to 5000 health

When one of Eldensmith's finest jewellery craftsman became infatuated with the art of enchanting, his focus on crafting waned as did his desire to create superior jewellery.

When his employers confronted him with the declining quality of his work, the craftsman was displeased and left the Eldensmith name behind him to create his own jewellery making business.

Things did not go as well as he hoped, causing him to feel enmity and jealousy towards his former masters.

With strife in his heart, the craftsman made a number of golden rings engraved with a skull emblem and attempted to imbue the rings with a vitality sapping energy.

His plan was to try and sell these off as Eldensmith wares to damage their reputation but with his enchanting skills being very crude, the rings did not drain the energy of the wearer.

Instead, the rings would drain the energy of anyone who attempted to harm the wearer.

Suddenly, the craftsman's business started to pick up with this new line of skull rings...