Scarlet Shatterstorm

Scarlet Shatterstorm
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Scarlet Shatterstorm is Rare

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Summons a blast, dealing 1078 damage with a 10% chance to cause decay

Scarlet Shatterstorm is an enigmatic pendant of ancient origin that harnesses the cataclysmic forces of fire and decay. Crafted by a long-forgotten civilization, its true purpose and creator remain obscured by the annals of time, leaving only whispers of its existence.

At the heart of the necklace rests a radiant, spherical jewel known as the Crimson Heartstone. This gem, forged in the heart of a long-extinct volcano, radiates an intense crimson glow, pulsating with untamed power. It is said to be a fragment of a long-lost celestial body, imbued with the essence of elemental fire and the transformative energies of decay.

The pendant itself is a delicate work of artistry, an intricate framework of interwoven silver and obsidian, carefully crafted to hold the Crimson Heartstone securely in place. Elaborate engravings adorn the pendant, depicting swirling flames and entwined tendrils of decay, symbolizing the duality of its power.

Throughout history, the Scarlet Shatterstorm pendant has been coveted by the ambitious, feared by the wise, and sought by those who would wield its power for their own ends.