Sword - Two-Handed
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Scarcarver is Epic

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The legendary assassin known as Darkscar, is rumored to possess some of the greatest weapons known to man, but getting your hands on one of them? Don't be silly. Attempting to perform such a futile act like that, would be a lethal experience to say the least.

Wanting to profit off of a household name like Darkscar, but not willing to risk his life in the process, Norm Macarthur decided that he would attempt to create a replica of one of Darkscar's most infamous weapons; the Scarcarver. A brilliant blacksmith, and counterfeiting expert, Norm knew that this task wouldn't be an easy one, but the profound financial benefit that would come of it, would make this project a worthwhile undertaking.

With only a single photo of the original to base his recreation on, Norm had to get creative, but the end result ended up being an enormous success. With very minor differences compared to the original, only Darkscar himself would ever be able to truly determine it's inauthentic reality!