Runic Spellstone

Runic Spellstone
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Runic Spellstone is Legendary

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+10% magic weapon damage

Deep within the White Rock Mines of northern Thorberth, contained a deposit of ore unlike anything that had ever been seen before.

Discovered merely by chance while mining for coal, this mysterious rocky mass shocked excavators with it's abnormal visual characteristics, so much so that many were unwilling to even go near it. Although fearful, the stone needed to be broken apart and removed, in order to proceed with their dig, so the willing attempted to do just that.

After shattering countless tools on impact, it was time to give the Koridnium Pickaxe a shot. Several swings later, they hit the sweet spot, smashing the large stone into hundreds of little pieces. As the peculiar rocks hit the ground, they began to glow a lilac hue, a strange essence appearing to permeate from within.

Fearing the unknown effects that may be unleashed from within these mystifying stones, the team immediately gathered them all up, tossing them into the vastness of the ocean, hoping to never be seen again.