Roaring Sand Dragon

Roaring Sand Dragon
Sword - Two-Handed
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Roaring Sand Dragon is Mythical

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10% chance to Weaken

The best things happen, unexpectedly. Horace Frye of Eduith learned this many moons ago, and in a rather fortunate way. While searching for artifacts in the desert region of Vemmin, Horace suddenly started sinking through a pit of quick sand. Despite having a team with him, they were unable to rescue him in time, and feared he was no more.

Horace was very much alive, at least for the moment, as he had fallen completely through the pit, landing in a cavernous area, deep underground. A bit shocked as one would imagine, Horace rushed to his feet, and lit a torch to reveal his surroundings. Standing right in from of him, and breathing up a storm, was the largest, and only dragon Horace had ever seen.

Just like anybody else would do in his situation, Horace ran for his life, deeper, and deeper into this cave, and in turn, the dragon followed in pursuit. As Horace reached the end of the cavern, he had nowhere left to run, and being backed into a corner, assumed he was a goner. This dragon however, did not seem to want to attack Horace, but rather, reveal something to him. As the dragon seemingly pointed at a crevice in the wall, Horace began to dig, and lodged in that crack, was the most magnificent blade he had ever seen.

As Horace grabbed the sword, the dragon whisked Horace off of his feet, and threw him onto it's back. With a thrust of it's wings, the dragon flew upwards, towards the surface, emerging from the depths of the sand. Sword in hand, the dragon placed Horace on the ground, and flew away, never to be seen again.