Ring Of Life

Ring Of Life
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Ring Of Life is Mythical

25 circulating

Eliminate all active negative effects, and recover 1500 health (3 uses)

The force is the life, the life has a voice, the voice is it's strength.

Created using wood harvested exclusively from the Ilusia tree, located on the small island of Harpiin, the Ring of Life is no ordinary piece of jewelry. In order to obtain this elusive wooden band, one must first pay their respects to the illusia tree, by answering a riddle provided to them, by the Goddess of Harpiin.

Upon successfully answering the riddle, one must then harvest the Illusia tree, and delicately craft a ring using it's textured wood. If the Goddess approves of your creation, and senses that you are one with nature, only then will she bless your ring, granting it incredible power.