Reign of Fire

Reign of Fire
Longbow - Ranged
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Reign of Fire is Mythical

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10% chance to cause Burn

Before Sentinel Erridrus opened his college in the north of Evanbrook, a young Fisda Zern managed to obtain an exclusive apprenticeship with the Sentinel. Having studied previously at the Arcane University, Fisda desired to continue his studies and the Sentinel, aware of Zern's enthusiasm, was more than happy to take him under his wing. After several years of lectures, demonstrations and trials, Zern was given several bows by the Sentinel to be used in a final assessment of his capabilities. His assignment was to imbue the bows with a perpetual flame which could expel bolts of fire, surpassing the need for a quiver of arrows. After an initial mishap, Fisda Zern was able to achieve his objective using some special Remnant stones he had 'acquired' from the Arcane University. The result was stunning with Sentinel Erridrus putting the bows to the test on all manner of valuable wooden items, watching them burn with much amusement. After 'assessing' the bows, now shrouded in an incandescent red flame, the Sentinel knew the time had come for his student. "I can no longer know you as 'Adept Zern'" said the Sentinel sternly. "You shall now be known unto me as 'Master Zern'. You have passed my final test!" said the Sentinel, his smile beaming through his long white beard. It is not certain how many bows were made but both of the arcane practitioners dubbed them 'Reign of Fire'. Fisda Zern was given a handful of the bows by Sentinel Erridrus who kept one for himself and sold the rest for a great sum of money, allowing him to build his college for other students interested in learning the art of the arcane. It has been said that the Sentinel can still occasionally be seen on the Erridrus college grounds, burning wooden furniture with his beloved bow!