Red Menace

Red Menace
Sword - One-Handed

Red Menace is Transcendent

18 of 20 remaining

10% chance to cause Bleed

Lord Lunas was a tyrant. Ruling a majority of the eastern hemisphere, Lunas had great power and control over a large portion of the known world. The key to his power came in the form of an ancient locket, which he kept around his neck at all times. With the ability to summon armies of the undead at any given moment, he appeared unstoppable. Sir Jonathon Adler on the other hand, believed that there was a source of power out there, with the ability to end his reign.

Although people had heard rumors of the Red Menace, nobody knew of it's exact location, nobody other than Adler, that is. Venturing off to an active volcano atop Mount Olkepth, Adler retreived the sword, and continued on towards Lunas. Upon confrontation, and without moments notice, Adler leaped into the air, lunged forward, and penetrated the locket from around the neck of Lunas. As the locket crumbled to dust, Lunas fell to the ground, and perished.

Knowing that the Red Menace would be too powerful in the wrong hands, Sir Adler returned the sword from whence it came, praying that it would never be needed again.