Sword - Two-Handed
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Reckoning is Transcendent

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5% movement speed, 5% attack speed

During the third aeon, King Arnabrail drew up in battle against King Molufnium, the king of the desert regions.

After a tense standoff between the two great armies over the course of many days, King Arnabrail sent a messenger and his escorts to offer terms with King Molufnium.

Molufnium disregarded the terms and sent the messenger back with his own terms, that twenty of their greatest warriors should come forth and do battle.

With the prevailing twenty claiming victory, the other army would submit to the other.

Arnabrail accepted these terms but sent only one warrior.

Molufnium snorted with derision at this 'foolish' action and promptly sent forth twenty of his best men to dispatch of this sole opponent.

As the twenty went forth, they noticed that this solitary man standing before them wielded a curious sword, shrouded with green fire.

Drawing near, the man lunged at them and, with superior speed and skill, he overwhelmed and destroyed Molufnium's twenty warriors.

Molufnium, shocked at this defeat, kept his word and humbly submitted himself to Arnabrail, pondering over the identity of this lone warrior with a flame bound sword...