Razorwind Body

Razorwind Body
Armor - Body
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Razorwind Body is Legendary

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Razorwind Body - Part of the Razorwind Armor set

Created at the behest of the once king of Emenire, by an esteemed designer, Razorwind Armor was built with a specific purpose; to win a war.

Although Emenire had an army of accomplished swordsman, they were without archers, and this proved to be a problem when dealing with the expert marksman that made up a majority of Wayward's infantry. The king knew that in order to deal with these pesky arrow slingers, he would have to assemble a force of deadly rangers himself, and equip them with the best armaments that money could buy, and so he did.

The armor was spectacular. Lightweight, comfortable enough to allow for great maneuverability, and ultimately, thick enough to absorb the attacks of anything that may come it's way. After equipping thousands of his men with these magnificent wares, everything pointed to clear victory in battle, but there was one problem, money can't buy skill.

Handing a group of amateur fighters a set of specialty archery equipment, without sufficient training, turned out exactly how one might expect. The moment these substandard bowmen took to the battlefield, their annihilation commenced. Within moments, all that remained were the thousands of expensive garments, thought to lead Emenire to sure victory.