Pride of the Black Ingress

Pride of the Black Ingress
Longbow - Ranged
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Pride of the Black Ingress is Mythical

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10% attack speed increase

To commemorate the founder of the Black Ingress halls, Elrod Ingressien, his fellow masters made plans to create another run of special bows.

Limited to a small amount, the masters used the finest materials in stock to craft the bows.

Whilst fulfilling standard orders, the bows were manifested with the utmost skill and care and after 12 months, the bows were finally completed after being 'activated' by a well regarded enchanter of the region.

So it was a year after master Ingressien had passed away that the Black Ingress halls held a memorial for master Elrod and an inauguration for the special bows.

After addressing those gathered with stories about the highly respected master Ingressien, the 'Pride of the Black Ingress' bows were unveiled in homage to the hall's founder to much applause and adoration.

These bows are some of the finest to have ever been created!