Photonic Incubator

Photonic Incubator
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Photonic Incubator is Legendary

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Launches an egg when activated.

The egg heals for +1200 when walked over. (5 uses)

You should never place all of your eggs in one basket, unless that basket happens to be a magical amulet with the ability to reproduce those eggs in an infinite manner. In that case, you proceed without question.

Local Talmuth farmer, Arthur Lange, had a problem. With Easter approaching, and his flock of hens not producing eggs at their usual rate, things weren't looking good for business. With no hope in sight, Arthur turned to the smartest person he knew for advice, Merle Hemlock.

Being one of the brightest minds in sorcery, Merle came up with the perfect solution to Arthur's urgent situation. Using the power of photons, along with some rather risky ancient incantations, the Photonic Incubator was born.