Peppermint Pekoe

Peppermint Pekoe
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Peppermint Pekoe is Epic

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Double your ranged attack speed for 30 seconds (3 uses)

There's nothing like a good 'ol cup of tea to start your morning, but the Peppermint Pekoe was created for a slightly different purpose; battle!

During the early days of the first Ayorke war, the queen of Ayorke realized she had a problem. Despite her warriors being some of the finest in the lands, they weren't as consistent as she had hoped. With the prolonged winter setting in, and temperatures dipping far below freezing, their performance was noticeably taking a turn for the worst. This was especially the case with her esteemed bowmen, who would frequently experience frostbite, when guarding from atop Ayorke's mountainous walls.

The queen had a problem, and needed a solution. She got just that. Presenting the queen with what looked to be a regular cup of tea, a local tea master assured the queen that his recipe was far greater than it looked, proclaiming it would be exactly what she was looking for, and he was correct. The moment her army of frigid archers consumed this marvelous concoction, they were met with a warm, and soothing jolt of zest, unlike anything they had ever experienced before!