OmniHarvest Elixir

OmniHarvest Elixir
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OmniHarvest Elixir is Legendary

Unlimited supply

Boosts Gathering (Mining, Fishing, Scavenging and Woodcutting) XP by 25% for 2 hours (1 use)

An enigma of nature's embrace, the OmniHarvest Elixir is a gift from the realms of earth, water, and sky. Woven from the threads of elemental balance, this elixir harmonizes with the essence of gatherers, enhancing their connection to the world around them.

Sipping from its vessel, gatherers become attuned to the whispers of the earth, able to extract resources from any terrain with finesse and grace. It is a testament to the unity of all that grows and flourishes in the realm.