Olkepthian Armor

Olkepthian Armor
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Olkepthian Armor is Transcendent

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Prior to it's first ever volcanic eruption, the land of Olkepth was a thriving civilization, with an increasingly robust economy, and defended by one of the fiercest armies the world had ever seen. Several fiery bursts later however, this once prosperous nation had now been reduced to a scorched wasteland, forcing it's remaining population to flee toward neighboring lands, in hopes of mere survival. In between these two historic events, the people of Olkepth would not go down without a fight, resulting in an epic battle that would ultimately lead to the total destruction of this flourishing kingdom.

As the first volcano erupted, so opened the blazing chasms, unleashing vicious creatures never before seen by the human eye. These hideous monsters weren't just powerful, but abundant as well. As thousands, upon thousands of these merciless brutes released upon the land, the soldiers of Olkeph fought back valiantly. Day, after day, hour, after hour, these courageous warriors would strike away at these fiery beasts, slaying them with every weapon available in their arsenal.

It was starting to look as if the Olkephians would reign triumphant, but the gods would appear to have another plan in mind. As the battle raged on, and night drew near, a fissure began to form, splitting apart the earth beneath the combatant's feet, and forming a crevice that spanned the whole of the battlefield. In one fell swoop, the Olkepthian soldiers were swallowed into it's fiery abyss, decimating Olkepth's entire fighting force, and in that fatal moment, ending an empire.

'Till this day, the armaments of those fallen warriors can be found flowing throughout the waves of lava that inhabit the land on which they perished, and according to some, their very essence continues to live on, from within!