Ogandor's Portal Stone

Ogandor's Portal Stone Image

Ogandor's Portal Stone is Legendary

Opens a portal to the Ogandor Encounter

Though he may have been defeated atop Mount Haeylon by the legendary warrior, Shoruk, the potent spirit of Ogandor the great monster of the mountains endured.

Taking one of the infamous 'Edge of Lost Comrades' swords, a cruel conjurer was able to extract part of Ogandor's spirit from the sword and use it to invoke an imperfect replication of the giant snow beast.

The conjurer then bound Ogandor's tainted form to a cave which is only accessible by a portal stone such as this one.

With even death only able to offer a temporary respite before being raised again, Ogandor, enraged by his perpetual confinement, exists solely to rip apart any and all who are foolish enough stray into his domain!