Nyctonaut Leggings

Nyctonaut Leggings
Armor - Leggings
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Nyctonaut Leggings is Epic

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Nyctonaut Leggings - Part of the Nyctonaut Armor set

The Nyctonaut clan ruled the shadows; mercenaries of the night, willing to do whatever it took to eliminate their targets. If you were to spot one of these dark-hooded warriors, it would already be too late. As masters of stealth, being unseen was their claim to fame; in and out, undetected, and often from a distance. Their distinct and powerful armor aiding them in their craft, as they got rich, and took names.

The Nyctonauts were the best of the best, but one man did not appreciate the competition they presented. As a former exiled member of the tribe, the legendary assassin known as Darkscar, not only wanted revenge, but sought to become the most renowned hired gun in existence. Executing a plan to take out his former associates would become his top priority. What he would have never been able to anticipate, was just how easy it would actually be.

The plan was simple. Taking out all of these deadly soldiers himself would be a death wish, but using their own greed against them, and getting them to turn on each other, may have just done the trick, and it did. All it took was a single member to turn, and all hell would break loose; each member of the clan suspecting the other of betraying the tribe, ultimately resulting in an all-out war, and disbandment of the group. From that point on, Darkscar would make it look easy, eliminating the remaining members himself, one-by-one, until all that remained were piles of fallen robes, and a memory.