Nova Ultrus

Nova Ultrus
Sword - Two-Handed
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Nova Ultrus is Transcendent

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+10% attack speed

When it comes to weaponry, nobody does it better than the Nova Rebellion.

Forged during the early days of the Rebellion's establishment, the Nova Ultrus is a ferocious blade. Ruthless and relentless in combat, this large sword will often seemingly appear to have a life of it's own, making it incredibly difficult to control. Therefore, only a true master swordsman should handle it's hilt.

A pinnacle of craftsmanship, the Nova Ultrus is not only designed to withstand many years worth of brutal carnage inflicted upon the enemy, but it's also able to achieve this without the need for a single sharpening of it's blade. As a result of this incredible durability, one might suspect that every member of the Nova Rebellion would have one of these in their arsenal of weapons, and those suspicions would be correct.