Nova Omega

Nova Omega
Longbow - Ranged
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Nova Omega is Transcendent

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+10% attack speed

Light as a feather, with power like no other. What else would you expect from the Nova Rebellion?

Only the greatest of marksman are permitted to join the ranks of the Nova Rebellion, and there's a reason for that.

Due to the incredble power of the bows they possess, an average archer simply does not have the dexterity needed, in order to handle weapons of such force.

One of their top creations is the Nova Omega. Lightweight and mighty, yet elegant in design, one may come to the conslusion that this magnificent weapon is merely a work of art, but they would be wrong. Harnessing some of the greatest power ever witnessed in a bow, the Nova Omega is a sight to behold, that will leave your enemies trembling in fear at the mere glimpse of it.