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Nightingale Nexus
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The Nova Rebellion have a firm set of rules, and if those rules are broken, termination of membership will surely follow. One practice that is strictly forbidden, is arrow skipping. Under no circumstances must this act be performed whilst being a member of the rebellion. Nevertheless, just as the old adage tells us, where rules exist, disobedience persists, and thus, the Nightingales were born.

Exiled from the grounds of the Nova Rebellion due to their insubordination, hundreds of expelled members joined together in hopes of creating their own guild, where they would be free to practice, and master this forbidden act. After purchasing a plot of land on the outskirts of Talmuth to house their training grounds, this hope officially became a reality.

Contrary to popular belief, arrow skipping isn't simply a technique, it's an art, a dark art to be precise, hence the reason for the Nova Rebellion's fierce opposition to it. Dark magic can be incredibly dangerous, but when it comes to arrow skipping, the Nightingales appear to have it down to a science.

After discovering a way to imbue nearly any object with this incredible ability, the group set out to create a powerful line of weaponry, with the aim of enticing individuals to join their ranks. One of those very creations was a spectacular ring, labeled the Nightingale Nexus. With the potential to turn any bow into a ricocheting weapon of war, this phenomenal circlet is sure to attract the attention of bowmen from all across the lands.