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Netherband is Legendary

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20% more melee damage against monsters with above 50% health remaining

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but what if said beauty is a 10,000 year old ring, with a dark and twisted past, hell-bent on manipulating it's host with a malevolent force, the likes of which the world has never seen? In this case, some hesitation may be in order.

Forged from ashes of the fallen, the Netherband is an unmistakable representation, of all that is evil. Brushed with a jet black veneer, and only outmatched by it's engrossed inner glow, this sinister circlet should not be donned by those unwilling to harness it's potentially risky, force.

Originally created as an instrument of dominion, used to keep the minions of the underworld, under control, the Netherband has since had much of it's powers depleted; a shade of it's former self. However, don't let it's dimming glow fool you, as even a mere fragment of the Netherband's power, is enough to not only have your enemies adjust course, but may very well leave you questioning your own mortality, as well.