Necrotic Nightmare

Necrotic Nightmare
Sword - Two-Handed
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Necrotic Nightmare is Legendary

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+5% attack speed, 10% chance to cause decay

Death be nimble, death be quick, death be your life, with only a prick.

A demonic blade of chaos and corruption, the Necrotic Nightmare truly lives up to it's name. Ribbed for your enemies displeasure, this unforgiving weapon of war will shred through it's target without mercy, leaving them emotionally, and physically, in pieces.

Is there a fate worse than death? Some would say so. It's one thing to simply lose your life at the hands of an iron broadsword, but when staring down the corrugated blade of the Necrotic Nightmare, all of your hopes, and dreams, are soon replaced by terror and fear, knowing that within moments, you will suffer the death of a thousands deaths, and there would be nothing that you could do to stop it!