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Necrofancy is Legendary

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+15% Critical chance and +20% Critical damage

Named Necrofancy, for it's elegant design, yet deathly brutal power, this mesmerizing pendant is not only a sight to behold, but may also be the dominant figure of your nightmares.

Often regarded for it's well crafted appearance, this fashionable necklace covertly harbors a far darker secret, within. Nestled inside it's viridescent gem, exists the spirit of Makarai, a skilled soldier of darkness, and sworn enemy of all that is holy.

Although Makarai is no longer around, in physical form, it is said that his lifeblood lives on, within this polished forgotten artifact. Those who don this ring, are said to become infused through spiritic bond, and bestowed the last remaining essence of power, from this once, legendarily corrupt, being.