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Nebulon is Legendary

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As the apex standard activation resin for wooden matter, Nebulon is a substance that few ever get to see, let alone use.

Compressing the resin through porous carbonol stone, the gradual filtering process can sometimes take up to a full year to complete.

The resulting product is a resin so utterly pure that it enables any actiosmotic (activation) activity to be completely free of any energetic discrepancies.

This is critical when attempting to transfer massive amounts of energy into an object as a deviation in the energies path can result in disaster.

The current cost of Nebulon is said to be of the same value as a large estate with all the required attendants to go with it.

With this in mind, it is no wonder that only the wealthiest of the wealthy, or thieves who know where to find it, will have this superlative, yet costly, substance at their disposal!