Moonlit Valor

Moonlit Valor
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Moonlit Valor is Legendary

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Creates a circle of light that heals +100 health and +150 energy every second for 20 seconds (2 uses)

As the seemingly endless horde of undead brutes approached the valley of gods, the only thing standing between them, and the fall of Rotothia, were the mighty warriors that guarded the kingdom's very gates.

Entering the narrow passageway, the battle commenced. Wave after wave, the wretched souls fell, but under the command of Lord Tyrol, they would keep coming. Summoned with the sole purpose of conquering this northern land, the army of ruthless revenants would not stop until Tyrol achieved his goal.

Losing hope, and drained to exhaustion, the warriors of Rotothia could not hold on for much longer, but they would die fighting. As the battle appeared lost, darkness fell, the lit moon engulfing the night sky like a torch to a cave. Suddenly, the silvery rings that sleeved their very fingers, began to glow. What was once thought to be but a commemorative symbol of pride, would soon lead them to ultimate salvation.

In unison, the rings unleashed an enchanting force, invigorating the warriors like the dawn of a new day. With their newfound source of life, they began to push forward, hacking and slashing away at the undead, crumbling them to dust, and forcing Lord Tyrol to retreat.

Guess he didn't really enjoy the taste of a little moonlit valor!