Moonjackal Armor

Moonjackal Armor
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Moonjackal Armor is Epic

Unlimited supply

Very few groups were feared throughout history, more than the noble squad of rangers known as the Moonjackal's. The mere mention of their name would cause the wicked to tremble in their boots, often resulting in the complete and utter surrender of some of the most malevolent of forces that the world had ever seen.

The Moonjackal's were quick, cunning, and brave, but their specialty happened to be the stealthy nature in which they operated. Choosing to attack their targets in the black of night, with precision accuracy, and a silent approach, proved to be quite the deadly combination, that many were simply not capable of defending against. By the time their signature howl was heard, it was already too late. This verbal cue would initiate the firing of piercing arrows, that would rain down upon the enemy like a sharpened downpour from the heavens.

Although the Moonjackal's were a mighty, and seemingly unstoppable tribe, their very own rules ultimately led to the demise of this once unrelenting force. Due to their policy of not allowing outsiders to join it's ranks, the group would eventually dwindle in size, and die off, leaving behind not only a great legacy, but their renowned armaments as well.